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West London Deep Tissue Sports Massage
Deep-Tissue (Remedial) Massage / Sports Massage

Deep-Tissue Massage (also known as Remedial Massage) releases chronic or deep-seated areas of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep pressure on the contacted areas. This massage technique concentrates on the specific area and muscles that are tight and stiff.

Sports Massage is ideal for pre and post sports events or where a more remedial style of massage is needed. Deep-tissue massage techniques are used to release muscular discomfort, whether sports-related, stress-related or simply down to bad posture.
30 mins: £25
60 mins: £45
90 mins: £65
Benefits of Deep-Tissue / Sports Massage:
  • Helps to cleanse the muscles of toxins allowing less muscle fatigue after exercise.
  • Release chronic muscle tension  
  • Helps to break up and eliminate muscular scar tissue.
  • Helps loosen muscle tissues and get blood and oxygen circulating properly

NB: With a Deep-Tissue Massage, due to the deeper/firmer style of massage, you may experience some soreness during or right after the treatment. However, you will usually feel much better within a day or two. Also, because many toxins are released, it's important to drink plenty of water after the session to help eliminate these toxins from your body.

Contact Nancy to make bookings: 07747 801806  nancy@spiraltherapy.co.uk